Free Open Graph Checker: Preview Social Tags

An Introduction to Open Graph Meta Tags

Open Graph is a protocol used by developers to control the content that’s showcased when websites are linked on Facebook or other social media platforms. If these meta tags are not used, you risk having an unrelated image or unrelated content appear when you share a link to your website. Essentially, open graph meta tags allow you to control what people see when your website is shared and that’s very important.

The Importance of Open Graph Meta Tags

 When you create content for your business, the main objective is to get people to share it. You want your content to reach as many people as possible, so you need to make sure that when people do share your website on social media platforms, the preview is as effective as can be. Open graph meta tags have a huge influence on how your links perform on social media, that’s why you need to use them.

Why You Need an Open Graph Checker

Now, that brings us to a very important question: how can you make sure that your open graph meta tags are optimized and high-quality? Well, the answer is easy. You need an open graph checker! There are plenty of open graph checkers available on the internet, but you’ll be happy to know Marketenly provides one of the best ones on the market so you don’t have to look any further.

Our open graph checker is extremely detailed, which makes it highly effective. It will take your URL and see what’s working and what you should correct to make sure your open graph meta tags are working as they should. This open graph checker is free and it will provide all the information you need. Not to mention it can also track the analysis of your meta tag titles, keywords, and even evaluate your meta tag description.

Final Words

Open graph meta tags can provide a great advantage because they make sure your links are 100% shareable. However, if you want them to work, you need to make sure they are fully optimized. That’s why open graph checkers are so essential; they will allow you to make your meta tags as powerful as possible so your website can reach a higher level.

This, combined with high-quality content and a good marketing strategy, will allow your business to rise through the ranks and show up at the top of search engines, which will increase traffic and conversion rates. Check out Marketenly’s open graph checker and elevate your website!