Digital Marketing Conference

While the nature of travel and public gatherings may have shifted somewhat over the past year and a half, the world of digital marketing has been advancing at a breakneck pace with new innovations and techniques developed to service the new status quo. Hopefully the restrictions on travel will be lessened when we move into 2022, allowing you to attend the numerous conferences that have been planned to discuss and share the new technology that powers the digital marketing sphere. If not, then there are even some that have been planned to take place entirely online, so you can become informed about the new cutting edge of digital marketing right from your own living room. Here are the top ten conferences to save the date for if you want to immerse yourself into the landscape of digital marketing:

B2B Marketing Expo

This event is planned to take place over two days, April sixth and seventh, in the beautiful city of Los Angeles California. The main venue for the event is the LA Convention Center. Described as ‘Europe’s leading marketing event’ this expo is a free offering for those who want to expand their knowledge of digital marketing. With over two hundred free classes to attend, the only costs you’ll have to worry about are those related to travel and lodgings. Class topics range from SEO optimization and stock photography, to how to make use of social media to enhance your brand. The numerous classes offered aren’t the only benefit, as you’ll have the opportunity to meet likeminded individuals and be able to expand your network. While the cost of the event is free, slots are limited so make sure to visit their website and reserve your place before time runs out!

DigiMarCon Great Lakes

The first hybrid event on the list, DigiMarCon is set to take place over the sixth and seventh of June in Detroit, Michigan, and held in the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel. This event sits on the cutting edge of digital marketing, offering a variety of topics and insights for those who want to bolster their knowledge and skill set. Topics covered at the convention include how to use AI, conversational marketing, as well as strategies to build up your customer base. This event does come with a price tag however, with a basic pass for one day costing $497 while a two-day full VIP pass costs $1,097. The price for these passes comes from not only the information you gain, but also the numerous amenities offered such as a luncheon and other refreshments. You can also acquire an online only pass for $147 dollars and still have access to all the content. Visit their website to register.

Product Marketing Summit

Taking place during the chilly month of February, this event occurs over the ninth and tenth of the month. While the location details have yet to be fully ironed out for this event, it is set to take place in Austin, Texas. Over thirty speakers are slated to attend, with thirty-minute block seminars making up the bulk of the time spent at the conference. As this is a more niche conference, many of the seminars are related specifically to product marketing, allowing you to immerse yourself in the field. Prices for the event range from $795 for a basic access pass to a $1195 ‘Platinum Pass’. There is not online only option, and only the $995 ‘Gold Pass’ and previously mentioned ‘Platinum Pass’ offer recordings of the sessions. Still the price is worth it as many of the speakers come from large companies such as Google, IBM, and Adobe. Check out their website to learn more.


The first three-day conference on the list, Shoptalk is an event designed to allow those who want to advance the union of physical retail and digital marketing to come together to innovate and share ideas. The date for the event is March twenty seventh to the thirtieth, and the event is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada. The list of speakers is quite robust, ranging from the CEO of Sam’s Club to the Senior Vice President of Dick’s Sporting Goods and many others. As with many other conferences, networking is also a major component of this event, allowing you to expand your reach within the digital marketing sphere. Given the length of the event, and the star power present in the speaking lineup, this is one of the more expensive events on the list.  The attendance package costs $2,550, though there are various discounts offered if you are a major retailer, investor, or even a student. Check out their website for more info.

TBEX North America

Travel has long been a major business, so it only makes sense that advertising for travel services is a very sought-after skill set. TBEX North America is a conference centered around travel marketing and the impact of influencers on the climate of marketing, with the 2022 conference set to occur in Lafayette, Louisiana over the course of several days in October, from the sixth all the way to the tenth. Given that this is a conference centered on travel, some of the events include tours of various sights around Louisiana alongside the more traditional conference and seminar settings. While locations have yet to be finalized, as the event is over a year away, you don’t have to participate in these tours if you simply want to come for the conference experience. Ticket options are rather cheap compared to the other offerings on this list, with a $247 charge for independent content creators, and a $597 charge for industry professionals. Visit their website for more information.


Sticking with the theme of travel-based marketing, TravelCon is an event taking place in Memphis, Tennessee over the course of three days, April twenty ninth to May first. TravelCon is a more hands-on event than some of the previous conferences, allowing creators and marketers to expand their skill set when it comes to video production, content creation, blogging, and writing. The business angle of blogging isn’t neglected either, allowing those who are already competent in their production skills to learn to monetize and benefit from their work. A basic creator ticket costs $399, while a ticket for industry professionals will cost you $999. Space at this event is limited, so head to their website and reserve your spot.

Interact Conference

Delayed an entire year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Interact Conference is now going to take place over the eighteenth and nineteenth of May. The venue for the event will be in Columbus, Ohio, taking place on the Ohio State University Campus. The topics broached at this event will include how to optimize email marketing, copywriting, AI, and other innovative techniques that have begun to develop in the realm of digital marketing. The focus of this event, alongside the information gathered, is to connect with other people in both a professional and personal way, allowing you to grow your network of associates and potentially even make new friends. Networking and the conference are split into two separate days, so you can simply purchase a one-day ticket for $320 if only the conference is what you want, while the full two-day ticket costs $460. Visit their website for more info.

Social Media Marketing World

San Diego is a beautiful city in California, and relatively close to the heart of Silicon Valley as well, so it only makes sense that a conference with a focus on social media marketing will take place in this area. Taking place on the fourteenth through the sixteenth of March, this conference will help you get ahead on social media trends, form a network of capable and likeminded people, as well as learning how to best utilize paid ad space. Prices for this event start at $697 for the virtual package, while the most expensive in person offering will cost you $1,697. For more information about pricing and the event, check out their website.

E-commerce Berlin Expo

This expo, as the name implies, takes place in the capital city of Germany, making it the only conference on this list to take place within the EU. This isn’t surprising given the more stringent restrictions on travel, though things may change as the vaccine rolls out across the continent. Occurring on the twenty fourth of February, this conference will allow you to rub shoulders with some industry giants with representatives from business such as MasterCard, Shopify, and Idealo being in attendance. Speakers will give numerous presentations about ways to diversify your e-commerce approaches, allowing you to maximize return on investment. Another benefit of this massive event is that it is also free of charge, meaning that the only concerns for you will be travel and lodging. Their website has all the information you need to book a place at this event.

NRF 2022

Returning to the United States for this final conference, NRF 2022 will be taking place in America’s most iconic city, New York City. Taking place rather early in the year, this conference is slated to take place over three days, January sixteenth to the eighteenth. Retail has only accelerated during the Covid-19 pandemic, and this NRF Conference is poised to help you adapt to the new normal that will be lingering for some time. Connect with other marketers and learn about the most cutting-edge technology, you won’t want to miss this event. Prices for tickets start at $2,750 if you aren’t affiliated with a major retailer or a member of the NRF community already. If you are a member this price is reduced to $1,500. If you do happen to be associated with a major retailer, then there is no cost to you aside from travel related expenses. The website for NRF will guide you through the registration process if you decide to attend.